Make it happen
Ticktic is simple web and mobile ticketing tool that allows you to manage
sales, distribution and assistant registration for free.
      Ticktic enables people and organizers to create and organize events with
simplicity and with an added value for organizer and client.

Taking the first step into realizing an idea is always overwhelming, just consider-
ing all that needs to come together and the investment required, especially for
new or small organizers.

Ticktic helps you take the next step into realizing your idea. Without any invest-
ment you can create your event, capture sells and set up a physical and digital
sales network.

      Ticktic was born form a group of people passionate about bringing people
together through new experiences. Ticktic is just one part of the equation; it
helps those new experiences happen!

We believe there is no small experience, but only seek to promote those that
add to the individual and collective wellbeing.